Truck crash near Tennessee border leaves one dead

Everyone makes mistakes on the job. Unfortunately, when a truck driver makes a mistake while working, the results are often tragic. Truck drivers may drive too long in order to get their shipment to its intended location on time, which can cause a truck driver fatigue that leads to a higher chance of them making mistakes. Furthermore, they may text while driving or engage in other distracted driving practices that lead to devastating accidents. When these types of accidents occur, victims have options.

An accident occurred recently involving an armored Loomis truck. The crash occurred near the Tennessee-Kentucky border. According to officials, the armored truck was transporting bank documents when it rolled over into the median and killed one person. The road was closed for many hours following the crash as crews had to do repair work because of the damages caused by the accident.

The damages that result from a truck accident can be many. Oftentimes, victims in these cases have to suffer with not only property damage following the crash, but physical injuries as well. In many of these cases, broken bones and head injuries cause victims much pain and hardship. But, in the worst case scenarios, victims do not survive the injuries they suffer as a result of the accident.

Whether the victim suffers only minor injuries or the loved ones of victims are forced to deal with the tragedy of a victim's death, there are options for victims and survivors. Large commercial vehicles are dangerous to everyone on the road. This is why truck drivers are legally required to follow a number of federal trucking regulations. When it can be shown that a truck driver involved in an accident failed to abide by any of these regulations, victims and survivors have a chance to pursue compensation for medical expenses and other damages resulting from the crash.

Source: News Channel 5, "Fatal Crash Ties Up Traffic on TN-KY Border," Jan. 8, 2014

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