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Seven vehicles involved in accident on Tennessee highway

Tennessee residents are likely aware that when an accident occurs on one of the state's wide, multi-lane interstate highways, many vehicles are often dragged into the wreckage and the results can be devastating. All it takes is one driver losing control or acting negligently and several drivers can suddenly become involved in a multi-vehicle crash. In cases when a multi-vehicle accident begins with the actions of a negligent driver, victims may choose to bring a negligence claim to court in order to pursue compensation.

A recent accident on an interstate highway in Tennessee involved seven vehicles, according to reports. The accident caused serious traffic delays and officials had to close off the highway in order to clear it of debris. Among the seven vehicles involved in the accident was a semi-truck, which had a trailer truck filled with boxes of potatoes attached to it. Two people were hospitalized following the crash and suffered injuries. They are expected to live.

In car accidents involving many vehicles and many victims, there are often negligent actions at play. State laws allow victims in such accidents to seek compensation from the driver or drivers whose negligent actions caused the accident. Drivers who are proven negligent are liable for damages and victims are able to pursue compensation from the negligent drivers' insurers.

Multi-vehicle accidents often have devastating results -- results that can leave victims with heavy physical, emotional and financial damages. Compensation can help lessen some of the financial damage, as it may be able to cover some of the many costs that come with medical expenses, lost wages and damages done to vehicles. With a lessened financial burden, victims can focus on healing and recovering.

Source: The Tennessean, "Seven-car crash on I-65 injures two," Brian Wilson, Dec. 17, 2013

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