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One dead in a head-on collision involving two trucks

One of the most dangerous and deadly types of car accidents is that of a head-on collision. Head-on collisions involve twice the amount of force as that of a crash between a mobile and immobile vehicle, for example, and are thus more likely to involve injuries or fatalities. Sometimes, these accidents may occur without there being a driver at fault; other times, though, a head-on collision can occur as the result of the negligent actions of a driver.

A head-on collision occurred recently in Tennessee. The crash involved two pickup trucks and resulted in the death of one of the drivers. Two other people were also injured in the crash. Investigators are unsure of what caused the crash, but it appears as though both trucks were headed towards each other and somehow collided. The highway where the accident took place was closed following the accident.

When someone is killed in a car accident and it can be proven in court that another driver was at fault for the accident, then the driver at fault may be liable for the damages. This means that the driver at fault must compensate the victim, helping to cover medical expenses and other costs resulting from damages. Proving fault often involves showing, with evidence, that the other driver displayed negligence -- meaning the driver failed to exercise the necessary amount of care.

Compensation, in some cases, can help victims and their families on their way to a fair recovery. Though it may never erase the horror inflicted on victims and their families in an accident, compensation can help to ease some of the financial strain placed on them.

Source: News Channel 5, "One Killed In Lincoln County Crash," Nov. 30, 2013

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