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Exploding gas cans cause of many wrongful death and injury suits

Product manufacturers have a duty to test their goods and ensure that they are safe before they are put on the market. Similarly, retailers and distributers also have an obligation to pull items off of their shelves if they come to the knowledge that they are defective in some way. When both entities fail to do so, the consequences for Nashville consumers can be deadly.

Walmart is named in 24 products liability lawsuits for allegedly continuing to sell Blitz USA gas cans even though they were known to be a dangerous product. According to sources, the gas cans weren't properly equipped with a safety device, which lead to the wrongful death of a number of individuals.

Despite the deaths, the gas can manufacturer allegedly reported that the accidents only occurred because people were improperly using the cans. Blitz USA is no longer in business, and sources do not indicate if the manufacturer believes that Walmart should be partially responsible. However, an attorney handling similar cases believes that once the first accidents were reported, Walmart should have taken steps to investigate the claims instead of continuing to sell the product without.

Walmart recently announced that while they are not admitting liability of any kind, and believe that Blitz USA was ultimately responsible for the accidents, they are willing to settle the pending cases. Sources indicate that as part of their settlement Walmart will pay out $25 million. How the money will be divided is unclear.

If a defective product has taken the life of your family member or injured you in some way, you should consider seeking the assistance of a knowledgeable attorney to properly handle the matter.

Source: Digital Journal, “Walmart to pay $25 million to settle gas can explosion lawsuits,” Brett Wilkins, Dec. 10, 2013

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