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Drunk driving causes multi-vehicle accident in Tennessee

There are not many things quite as dangerous and reckless as someone intoxicated on the road. Drunk driving is the cause of many automobile accidents and statistics show a large correlation between intoxication and an increased rate of accidents. Victims may, understandably, feel outraged after such incidents, not knowing where to turn for help. But in some cases, thankfully, getting help with certain costs is possible.

According to reports, a recent multi-vehicle crash in Tennessee was caused by a drunk driver. After losing control of his truck, police say a 21-year-old Tennessee man swerved over the center line, resulting in a collision with two other vehicles driving in the other direction. A passenger in the man's truck died after being thrown from the vehicle. Four others also sustained injuries from the crash. The man now faces DUI charges, along with allegations of vehicular homicide.

Survivors of car accidents involving drunk drivers are left to shoulder the burden of not only physical and emotional trauma, but also a myriad of financial hardships. Medical expenses and lost wages that result from missed hours at work are just some of the costs victims are forced to bear. This often leaves victims with financial strain that can prove to be trying for many.

In such cases, though, if the intoxication level of the driver suspected to be at fault can be proven, victims and survivors may want to pursue a civil lawsuit. This allows victims and survivors to claim damages -- showing, with evidence, that the drunk driver was, in fact, intoxicated. Once proven, victims then have a chance at receiving monetary compensation for the damages resulting from the accident.

Source: ABC WATE, "1 person killed, several injured in DUI related crash," Dec. 6, 2013

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