Woman claims hip replacement caused metal poisoning

It is well known that many people have had issues with DePuy hip replacements. Individuals from Nashville and across the nation have complained of hip fractures associated with the implant as well as pain, inflammation and prolonged discomfort. Recently, a woman filed a lawsuit against DePuy and added metal poisoning to the list of symptoms.

According to reports, the woman claims that although she received a letter discussing the DePuy hip device recall, she didn't suffer from pain or problems related to the defective medical product until sometime later. An MRI didn't bring to light any concerns, but the woman's blood tests revealed excessive levels of cobalt and chromium.

A doctor later determined that the implant was likely to blame for the high metal levels, sources indicate. The woman is seeking damages against DePuy, and alleges that the company was well aware of the implant’s failure rate and continued to sell it anyway. She also asserts that even though the implant was known to fail, the company proclaimed it to be a superior product. Additionally, the company should have taken the necessary steps to test the device’s durability before putting it on the market, the woman claims.

Ultimately, the woman had the DePuy implant replaced almost six years after the initial surgery.

Defective medical devices can be uncomfortable, debilitating and even deadly in some circumstances. If you believe that your health has been jeopardized as a result of a malfunctioning medical device, contact a products liability lawyer with experience handling such cases so that you can receive knowledgeable assistance.

Source: The Pennsylvania Record, “DePuy, J&J named in defective artificial hip products liability complaint,” Jon Campisi, Nov. 20, 2013

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