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Tennessee school president injured in crash

East Tennessee State University students and residents of the area may be shocked and dismayed to learn of a recent accident involving the president of the school. A flatbed wreck truck neglected to stop at a red light, ran through an intersection and struck the ETSU president's SUV, causing significant damage. The wrecker driver sustained only minor injuries, while the ETSU president was not so lucky. Not only did his car get towed away with serious damage, the president himself was rushed to the hospital with injuries. Thankfully, he is now considered to be in stable condition.

The wreck truck driver was charged with running a red light and driving with a driver's license that hadn't been updated. The university expects the president to make a full recovery.

Accidents in which a victim has been hospitalized can be quite costly. In such incidents, everything has a price. Transportation to the hospital by an ambulance is expensive -- and if a medical helicopter was the means of transportation, the price is even higher. And that's just getting to the hospital. Once victims are treated, there are hefty fees to be expected for the care they received. And then, long-term care is often required, resulting in even more costs victims have to pay for being involved in accidents often out of their control.

Thankfully, it is possible for victims in such car accidents to receive help in covering these expenses by filing a negligence claim in court. If it can be proved beyond a reasonable doubt that the other driver involved in the accident acted recklessly -- or, in more specific legal terms, negligently -- then the victim has a chance at receiving compensation for medical expenses and other costs brought on by the accident.

Source: TriCities, "ETSU president injured in car accident," Nov. 19, 2013

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