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"T-bone" car accident kills Nashville-area woman

The Nashville metropolitan area is growing rapidly and this means increasingly congested and sometimes increasingly dangerous roadways. Car accidents are all too common.

Recently, a woman died from her injuries after a traffic accident in nearby Murfreesboro. Police said a Ford F-150 truck collided with a sedan in a "T-bone-style" accident at the intersection of Medical Center Parkway and Grantland Avenue.

The woman in the sedan was first taken to Middle Tennessee Medical Center before being transported by helicopter to Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, where she later died from her injuries. The driver of the truck was uninjured.

Murfreesboro police said the woman's sedan made a sudden turn in front of the truck as both vehicles were traveling westward on Medical Center Parkway. The police said they did not expect to file any charges against the driver of the truck.

A person who has been injured in a car accident faces pain, suffering, medical expenses, lost wages and other costs. When a person has been fatally injured in a car accident, a family may be left without that person's companionship and income. Injured people or their families may be compensated for some or all of these damages when these injuries are caused by a negligent driver.

Drivers may be found negligent when they failed to obey traffic laws, drove over the speed limit, drove while intoxicated or otherwise failed to live up to the same standard of care that a reasonable driver would have exercised under the same or similar circumstances and someone was injured as a result. It isn't always clear whether a traffic accident was caused by negligence, or which driver was the negligent one. There are some cases where both parties share some of the blame and others where neither can be held legally to blame.

Every injury-causing traffic accident requires careful investigation. But when a negligent driver is to blame for those injuries, the injured deserve to be compensated.

Source: WGNS, "Update: Driver of car in accident on Medical Center Parkway killed," March 11, 2013

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