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DUI accident in Nashville leaves one injured

A sport utility vehicle collision in east Nashville left one person injured. The driver was arrested for drunk driving. According to the police investigation, two SUVs were involved in a collision during the night hours. The alcohol related accident occurred near Main Street and South 6th. A passenger traveling in one of the SUVs sustained minor injuries during the accident.

The driver of the second SUV was not injured; however, he was arrested on Driving Under the Influence charges following the accident. The accident caused debris from the SUVs to spread across the road, but the road was not closed for long.

Drunk drivers and speeding are responsible for many accidents that take place on the highways. Drivers who drink and drive often do not realize that they are posing a threat to their own safety and the safety of other drivers, as well as anyone else on the road.

Accidents caused by drunk drivers are a matter of grave concern. Authorities have adopted several measures to try to eliminate accidents caused by drunk drivers. Police use checkpoints, breath tests and field sobriety tests to try to catch drunk drivers. Tennessee law provides innocent accident victims with the ability to recover monetary damages incurred during an accident from the insurers of the negligent driver, since liability may rest with him or her. Monetary damages can mean cost of repairs, medical expenses and lost wages.

Tennessee law states that a person convicted of a DUI offense for the first time stands to face a prison sentence of up to 11 months, a fine of up to $1,500 and license revocation for a full year. One should not forget that negligence while driving can also result in fatal accidents and civil liability.

Source: NewsChannel5.com, "One Injured, One Arrested In DUI Crash In East Nashville," Feb. 13, 2013

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