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Tennessee authorities work to curb drunk driving during holidays

According to police reports, five people lost their lives in various vehicle accidents in Tennessee during the New Year's Eve holiday in 2011. Owing to this reason, the Tennessee Highway Patrol joined hands with local law enforcement agencies to conduct a "No Refusal DUI" enforcement campaign during this New Year's Eve, which started during the evening hours of Dec. 28, 2012 and concludes at midnight on Jan. 1, 2013. The aim was to avoid alcohol related accidents during the holiday season.

"No Refusal" is a strategy that aimed at restricting impaired driving so as to reduce fatal accidents on the roads of Tennessee. The law, which has been passed by the Tennessee General Assembly, allows police to procure search warrants for blood samples for those suspected of impaired driving. Previously, the "No Refusal" enforcements in Tennessee were held during the Fourth of July, Labor Day and Thanksgiving Day.

The eight district captains of the Tennessee Highway Patrol have worked in coordination with local law enforcement agencies, judges, emergency services personnel and prosecutors for the enforcement of this particular law. According to a statement made by the commissioner of the Department of Safety and Homeland Security, the effort is the proof of the commitment of the Tennessee Highway Patrol team and the officers that they want the people to be safe.

Drunk driving accidents are reportedly on the rise in the state. Altogether, more than 7,500 drunk driving accidents were reported in 2012, which is about a 2.5 percent increase compared with the data of the previous year. These numbers show that every year thousands of victims are left to deal with the aftermath of negligent behavior. Thankfully, the legal system has a way of keeping negligent parties accountable and provides rights for victims to seek compensation for their injuries.

Source: Clarksville Online, "Tennessee Highway Patrol prepares for New Year's Eve "No Refusal" Enforcement," Dec. 29, 2012

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