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Highway Departments salt roads to prevent winter car accidents

Tennessee residents likely noticed local Highway Department vehicles out salting the roads in preparation for the latest winter freeze. Salt and brine stocks are largely leftover from the last season, as the uneventful winter last year did not call for much salt. This effort is being made to prevent car accidents and multi-vehicle accidents during the winter season.

Crews will often start be pre-treating various roads with salt, including overpasses and bridges which have a tendency to freeze fast. Sharp curves and steep hills are also particularly dangerous to drivers during freezing winter conditions. Local highway departments will generally keep a close eye on other potentially hazardous situations involving trees and power lines along the roads, which have a tendency to collapse under the additional weight during a heavy snowfall.

When temperatures drop down into the freezing range, authorities advise residents to stay inside even though local highway departments will attempt to salt as many roads as they can as quickly as possible. Crushed stones are often mixed with salt to provide better traction for the drivers who absolutely need to drive their cars during the winter weather.

It is easy to see how accidents can occur in conditions like these, despite the best efforts of local highway departments. Head-on collisions and multi-vehicle accidents are common during the winter season, which is all the more reason why drivers need to exercise caution on wintery roads. When drivers do not take the necessary precautions in adverse weather conditions, that can constitute a form of negligence.

Drivers in Tenessee who are injured by another driver's negligence, perhaps due to a driver speeding or driving recklessly during a winter storm, should be aware of their legal rights to compensation for their losses. Salting and brining roads are all good preventive strategies, but they are unfortunately no guarantee against a negligent driver.

Source: Wate.com, "East Tenn. highway departments salt roads ahead of predicted winter weather," Hayley Harmon, Jan. 17, 2013

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