Truck hits Nashville-bound bus on I-24

Truck driver negligence is attributable to many serious accidents in the Nashville area. Trucks are much more dangerous than passenger vehicles because of their greater size and weight. The greater size of a truck also means that truck drivers should exercise more caution while driving at highway speeds because they cannot brake as quickly.

Tailgating may be to blame for one serious truck accident which occurred near Murfreesboro. The Nashville-bound bus was just 30 miles from its destination when it came upon some construction on Interstate 24.

A semi-truck rammed into the back of the bus when it slowed down for the construction area. Passengers from the bus recalled the terrifying accident for reporters and noted that the bus driver kept the accident from becoming far worse.

"The bus was slowing down right before the construction area and all of a sudden we heard a big pop and the bus was moving to the right and the bus driver was trying hard not to continue to go to the right because we would have gone into a ditch," one passenger explained. "It could have been so much worse."

Around 17 people were treated for personal injuries at the scene of the accident and eight people, including the truck driver, were taken to the hospital.

It is unclear how many personal injury lawsuits will arise out of this crash. Generally a truck driver and his or her employer are held liable for similar accidents. There are also situations in which the governmental agency which caused the road hazard can be held liable, especially if it is shown that the construction zone was improperly set up and made such an accident likely.

Source: The Tennessean, "Nashville-bound bus hit by truck," Mark Bell, Jan. 27, 2012

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