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What Should I Do When Someone Dies In An Accident?

Car and truck accidents are always a complicated matter, and the terrible reality of fatalities can complicate them even more. Regardless of who was responsible and the kind of damage sustained, if there is a fatality involved, someone must be held liable. We’re here to talk through immediate next steps and what to do if someone dies in an auto accident.

Types of Fatal Accidents

Like any other legal situation, every case is different. There are many different types of car wrecks, and some are more common than others. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, head-on crashes account for nearly 54 percent of all fatal car accidents. Another 16% come from rollover accidents. T-Bones, meanwhile, comprise a hefty 25% of fatalities. While fatal rear-end accidents are less common, they are certainly still possible (usually tallying in at around 5%). 

Not All Deaths are the Same

Vehicle-to-vehicle collisions are certainly the most common cause of fatalities when it comes to car accidents, but remember that other dangerous or irresponsible driving conditions can also contribute to fatalities. 

In the case of a fatal accident, there are still a couple different buckets:  sudden death (which occurs upon impact) and eventual death (after which a person succumbs to injuries sustained during a crash). While in the latter case other factors may contribute to eventual death, the crash is still the cause for loss of life.

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Steps to Take

What do next steps look like in these situations? It’s something no one ever wants to have to face, but know that you always have a partner in us. 

  1. Stop! First, it may sound obvious, but always be sure to stop and pull over as safely as possible — never drive off after a collision, even if it seems minor. 
  2. Protect yourself. Turn on your flashers, try to move yourself and your car out of the path of traffic, and try to prevent further collisions from occurring. 
  3. Call the police. While it might be immediately obvious if there is serious damage involved, sometimes it’s hard to tell at first — especially if there are multiple passengers involved. Someone involved in the collision should call the police as soon as possible. 
  4. Capture records. Evidence is essential. Although it might seem difficult and unnecessary at the time of an accident, this will ultimately help in the long run.
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Don’t go it Alone; Get a Free Consultation

Fatal accidents are incredibly difficult, emotionally and otherwise. Getting a lawyer can ensure you receive the support and compensation you deserve. We always offer FREE legal consultations to help get your case started. Give us a call - 800.844.1712 - or contact us online. We're here 24/7 for you! 

For more info, visit our other blog post: If Someone Dies in an Auto Accident that's My Fault, What can Happen to Me? 

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