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Be Ready for Fun in the Sun

Nicer weather is a time of fun and excitement! It’s when we vacation to the destinations we’ve saved for, spend time with the people we love, and get the rest we’ve been needing.

It can also bring about unexpected danger, though. When you’re out enjoying the warm weather, make sure you’ve taken the necessary steps to ensure your fun time isn’t ruined by poor planning or careless action.

Swimming Pools

There’s no better way to beat the heat than jumping in a cool pool, but stay safe when you do. Make sure that you’re not diving into shallow pools, that there’s no electrical equipment close-by, and that children are always being watched when playing.

Last year’s summer tragically saw 148 children under 15 fatally drown. Do YOUR part. Keep your eyes on the water and keep them safe this summer.



ATVs allow us to ride nature trails and explore in ways that make them both convenient and fun. If you are unprepared, though, you can find yourself in trouble.

Kentucky is one of the nation’s leading states in ATV accidents. If you’re riding this season, make sure you’ve been properly trained and are ready to handle the responsibility. A mistake can last a lifetime.



Getting back in touch with nature and exploring the miles and miles of Tennessee and Kentucky wilderness is a pastime and right of passage. Campers should always be aware of the weather, watch animal activity in the area, and practice campfire safety.

Campfire burns, snake/spider bites, and plant-caused skin rashes are all preventable. Make sure to clean up after yourself so the pristine Kentucky and Tennessee forests can be enjoyed for generations to come.


Road Trips

It’s time to hit the road with the family and take in all our country has to offer. Make sure that you’re staying safe while cruising the roads by always taking regular breaks, keeping an eye on fellow motorists, and keeping informed about all traffic and construction alerts.



Fireworks were responsible for 9,100 injuries needing medical treatment last year alone, making them extremely dangerous when not dealt with properly.

Always handle fireworks according to the instructions on the package, wear safety gear when needed, and make sure those watching are far enough away.

Let’s stay safe, have fun, and be free of accidents. Make sure you’re taking all safety precautions and remaining aware of your surroundings. Remember: a moment of carelessness can cost more than money.

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