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Avoid These Common Easter Injuries

Easter is a joyous time, and we need some joy during these tough times. Coloring Easter eggs, running around the yard searching through bushes and other hiding places during the egg hunt, and big meals are all Easter traditions held by many.

These can be fun times for people of all ages. However, even holidays like this can have a handful of potential dangers. It’s easy to get lulled into a calm by the overall mood of the day. But unfortunately, accidents don’t take a day off.

Take it from a Nashville injury attorney, we know that injuries happen every day. It’s always best to be aware of these possibilities. This gives you the best chance at avoiding them and remaining healthy and happy throughout the holiday.

So here are a few injuries to watch out for over the Easter holiday no matter how you may be celebrating this year.


It’s easy to get caught up in the mood of the day. Children are running all over the yard, hunting for eggs and playing games. Adults can’t help themselves and jump into the action. However, we aren’t as agile as our kids and it can be easy to fall over. Twisted ankles, bruises, and back problems often result from trying to get into the fun had by the kids.

If you’re the host, you need to be careful of any objects that could be potential trip hazards. Hoses from watering the lawn, decorations such as planters or lawn gnomes, tree roots hidden beneath grass — all of these can catch someone’s foot as they are running and send them tumbling to the ground.

This is when injuries happen. And nothing puts a damper on an afternoon like an injury. So pay attention to your activities and stay safe this coming holiday.

Food Allergies

Easter always brings along a lot of different kinds of food. The problem with these situations is that we occasionally find ourselves with something on our plate without knowing exactly what it is.

This can be dangerous for people with food allergies and it doesn’t take much for someone to experience an allergic reaction. These reactions can vary widely—everything from a simple tingling in the mouth all the way up to a constriction of the airways.

Pay attention to all of the ingredients used in your recipes. And keep track of which candies contain nuts—these are one of the most common food allergies and many candies contain them.

Food Poisoning

Hard boiled eggs are a huge part of Easter. Decorating them can be a great experience for adults and children alike. And if you’re going to have an Easter egg hunt, the act of finding them is also a fun experience for the kids. The final step of this process is cracking those colorful shells open and eating them.

Even if you don’t hide the eggs, there’s a good chance these colorful creations will be on the table ready for someone to pick up and eat. However, you need to be careful with how long these items are allowed to sit on the counter without refrigeration.

Hard boiled eggs are edible for about a week when they are stored in the refrigerator. This window of acceptability is drastically cut down to only a few hours when they are left out.

Food poisoning can leave a person with severe stomach symptoms. And you don’t want your Easter celebration to be spent in pain.

Car Accidents

The final common injury on Easter is a threat that we live with every day. Car accidents happen all the time. As a personal injury firm practicing in both Tennessee and Kentucky, we know. It’s an unfortunate truth, but one we should be aware of so we can work to avoid it, even as we are spending more time at home this year.

Easter celebrations can start early and take a long time. Hiding the Easter baskets in the morning can get you up before the sun. Drowsy driving can be just as dangerous as drunk driving, although it’s a little more difficult to predict. Watch the road, even if the kids are making noise in the back seat. If you’re feeling tired, switch drivers or pull over and splash some water on your face.

Paying attention to your surroundings as well as proper preparation can ensure your Easter celebration doesn’t experience any problems.


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