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March 2016 News

Truck accidents can cause unexpected injuries

Car accidents are frighteningly common all across the country, including in Tennessee, and even those of us who have never been in a car accident have likely seen enough to know what types of injuries we can expect. Whiplash injuries can cause damage to nerves and soft tissue; [...]
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Tennessee motorcycle helmet bill fails

Every motorcyclist knows the dangers of getting into an accident. They're well aware that even the most minor of accidents can mean serious injury or death. The last line of defense for most motorcyclists in the event of an accident is a helmet, but is the helmet really as [...]
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What is the high-alert medications list?

Some medications have been proven to be dangerous due to a defect or side effect they cause. Others, however, are simply considered to be “high risk.” The Institute for Safe Medication Practices has compiled a list of drugs that fit this category based on a number of factors. If [...]
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Transvaginal mesh can pose quite a few risks to patients

When undergoing surgical procedures in Nashville, patients put their trust in the medical community to use only those techniques and devices deemed safe. However, some devices have been shown to cause significant harm to patients, which can result in a range of serious health [...]
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How long is Tennessee's statute for motorcycle accidents?

A statute of limitations refers to a timeline by which legal action must be brought for a particular incident. This statute exists for a number of reasons, including to ensure evidence remains relevant and to prevent victims from using legal action as blackmail for the future. [...]
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Injured by a drunk driver? We can help.

Make no mistake: drunk driving is a crime. Those who are convicted of drunk driving in a court of law will be sure to face justice in the form of fines, imprisonment, loss of license and many other possible penalties, but this justice does little to help those who were injured [...]
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Negligence and drunk driving in Florida

Every state has its own laws regarding negligence and how it pertains to accident injury suits. The ways in which these laws intersect can play a significant role in how much compensation you are entitled to after an accident. Of course, proving negligence on the part of another [...]
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Brain injuries: you've got questions, and we've got answers

Most people are fortunate enough never to suffer a brain injury in their lives. But for those tragic few who find themselves in a serious accident and suffering from a debilitating brain injury, the full extent of the dangers and difficulties that brain injuries bring is [...]
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Defective car parts could cause injury

Cars are extremely complex pieces of machinery that are vital to the everyday lives of most Tennessee residents. We often take our vehicles for granted, simply getting behind the wheel and driving off to work without a care. We just trust that all of the different parts that [...]
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Legal aid for Tennessee motorcycle accident victims

If you ask a biker what it's like to fly down the highway on a motorcycle, you will probably hear about the great sense of freedom, the wonderful feeling of the rushing wind and the warming sun. You may also hear about the ever-present danger of other vehicles. In fact, some [...]
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What is crashworthiness?

Auto manufacturers have a responsibility to keep you safe behind the wheel. To this end, crashworthiness ratings are often awarded to vehicles to help you determine whether or not a model meets your specific safety requirements. That’s why all Tennessee motorists should have an [...]
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Start preparing for your truck accident claim now

If you have been in a truck accident, you may be considering pursuing compensation with a personal injury claim. You may be aware of how complex truck accidents can be, and as a result, you may feel that any action you might take must be put on hold until you meet with an [...]
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Defects in toys can cause serious concerns

When you buy a toy for your child, you don't expect it to cause harm to them when they are playing with it. You think that a brand new item has already passed several safety tests. While this is the case for most products, there are some toys that can pose a threat to children.
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Determining liability in 3D printed products

While all the potential applications of 3D printed products are sure to intrigue residents of Nashville and other cities all over the nation, injuries incurred while using these products bring to mind a number of important liability issues. As this burgeoning technology becomes [...]
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Do I have to prove fault if the other driver was drunk?

Proving fault in a motor vehicle accident is the primary way in which liability is determined, which is the deciding factor in who recovers compensation in the event of a crash. There are many ways to establish fault, but the most effective way is to prove that one or more of [...]
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Tennessee court ruling makes it easier to arrest suspected drunk drivers

A recent ruling produced by the Tennessee Supreme Court makes it easier for law enforcement officials to arrest drivers suspected of intoxicated driving.
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