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August 2013 News

Arguments begin in case against Toyota in wrongful death suit

Millions of people either drive or ride in a vehicle every day, including tens of thousands of people in the Nashville area. Although the majority of vehicles on the road are safe to drive, there are some cars and trucks that unfortunately have defects. When one of these auto [...]
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Should the FDA rethink its drug recall process?

There are thousands of types of medication for the thousands of different illnesses or diseases that exist in the world today. Most of the time doctors are careful and cautious as they prescribe medication to individuals. However, when someone in the Nashville area is prescribed [...]
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Man now waiting third shoulder surgery after device fails

When someone seeks medical treatment in the Nashville area, he or she should be able to expect that a person will receive the best care possible. This is true for any kind of medical care, but it can be especially important when someone has any kind of medical device inserted [...]
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Apparent brake failure may have caused fatal bus crash

Auto accidents can happen at any time for many different reasons. Sometimes drivers cause accidents. However, other times a defective or faulty part can be the cause of an accident. If someone in the Nashville area is hurt because of an auto defect, he or she should be aware of [...]
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