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Man now waiting third shoulder surgery after device fails

When someone seeks medical treatment in the Nashville area, he or she should be able to expect that a person will receive the best care possible. This is true for any kind of medical care, but it can be especially important when someone has any kind of medical device inserted into his or her body. Sometimes, however, those devices can be a defective medical product and can end up causing more problems.

A man has filed suit against Biomet Inc. after he claims that the maker of his shoulder replacement device was defective. The lawsuit claims that company is responsible for strict product liability, including design defect. The man is seeking compensation for several things, including medical expenses, lost wages and earning capacity, impairment and pain and suffering.

The man underwent surgery to have a total replacement done on his shoulder. According to the suit, the device, made by Biomet Inc., was supposed to help “revolutionize” the way shoulder replacement surgery was done. However, according to the man, the device did not work and he ended up having to undergo a second surgery. According to the lawsuit, the welding on the device cracked which caused the entire device to be rendered useless. The man claims that he now needs a third surgery.

When a medical device malfunctions, or is defective, it can cause a lot of problems for the person involved. If someone finds him or herself in this kind of situation then he or she might want to speak with an experienced attorney who understands who exactly is responsible and what damages a victim may be entitled to.

Source: The Southeast Texas Record, Bowie County man claims defects in shoulder replacement device,” Michelle Keahey, July 31, 2013

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