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March 2013 News

Risk of brain injury linked to concussion, study says

The brain is an extremely strong but extremely vulnerable part of the human body. For this reason, Tennessee residents may find themselves at risk of brain damage as a result of a construction accident, car crash, sports-related injury or a fall. Unfortunately, sometimes [...]
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Fatal DUI accident in Tennessee ends with guilty plea by driver

Unfortunately, the victims and their family members of many Tennessee residents involved in car crashes are left with debilitating injuries, extremely costly medical bills, and even the loss of loved ones. In DUI accidents, the criminal penalties imposed on the drunk driver [...]
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U.S. drivers more likely to use cell phones while driving

Tennessee is among a number of states that has passed laws aimed at stamping out the growing threat of texting and driving. Unfortunately, the problem remains rampant.
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"T-bone" car accident kills Nashville-area woman

The Nashville metropolitan area is growing rapidly and this means increasingly congested and sometimes increasingly dangerous roadways. Car accidents are all too common.
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Nashville music scene shaken by car accidents

Nashville's music community was shaken recently by the news that drummer Gregg Lohman, a music instructor at Tennessee State University and a member of country star Kellie Pickler's band, was seriously injured in an auto accident. Lohman sustained head and neck injuries in a [...]
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Tennessee motorcycle helmet law's fate up in the air

Tennessee law currently requires motorcycle riders to wear helmets, but legislators recently introduced bills that would largely repeal that law. Instead, the law would require helmets only for riders under age 21. In fact, this has been the third year in a row that lawmakers [...]
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Tennessee recognizes Brain Injury Awareness Month

Tennessee hospitals see about 8,000 new cases of traumatic brain injury every year. Nationwide, that number is about 1.7 million. TBI can be caused by car collisions, falls, sports injuries or other accidents. It can lead to headaches, sleep problems, memory loss and permanent [...]
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Teen driver deaths rise, Tennessee tops list

A recent study found that Tennessee is one of the worst states in the nation for fatal traffic accidents involving teenagers. Nationwide, the number of teenagers killed in car accidents rose 19 percent in the first half of 2012 compared to the same period in 2011, according to [...]
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