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August 2012 News

Mobile providers aim to curb texting while driving

Last year alone, an estimated 100,000 car accidents were caused by drivers who were distracted while texting. The dangers associated with texting and driving have resulted in many states passing texting bans. In fact currently 39 states, including Tennessee, have some type of [...]
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Safety barriers along Tennessee Interstates may save lives

While all car accidents can result in serious injury, those involving head-on collisions often result in one or more deaths. The high numbers of head-on collisions that have occurred along Tennessee's Interstate 40 have led many to call upon the state's Department of [...]
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Researchers hope new technology will reduce car accidents

In an effort to decrease the number of car accidents impacting drivers across the United States and in states like Tennessee, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration is conducting a study to determine how motor vehicles and their drivers interact with one [...]
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Government incents states to adopt stricter DUI laws

During 2010, more than 10,000 individuals lost their lives as a result of a drunk driving accident. In response, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is offering states around the country a share of $20.8 million dollars in highway safety and improvement funding. [...]
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Fatal drunk driving accident leaves two dead

When an individual who has been drinking makes the decision to drive, they endanger not only their own life, but also the lives of other drivers and pedestrians they encounter. A 23-year-old man was recently convicted on charges related to a fatal hit-and-run accident that [...]
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Driver behaviors motorcyclists should beware

Many Tennessee motorcycle enthusiasts enjoy riding their bikes during the summer months. In order to receive a motorcycle license, residents of Tennessee are required to pass both a written and on-cycle skills test. While many motorcyclists may know and abide by proper traffic [...]
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Nashville teen drivers killed at alarming rates

Across the country, car accidents are the leading cause of death for teenagers age 15 - 19. According to a new report released by the Center for Disease Control, teens in Nashville are in great danger of being involved in a serious or even fatal car accident.
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Back to school safety tips for drivers and pedestrians

As the summer draws to a close, kids throughout Tennessee are getting ready to head back to school. While a new school year presents children with new opportunities and excitement, it also presents several dangers, especially when traveling to and from school. Since 2000, there [...]
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