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July 2012 News

Children and motor vehicle safety

Parents these days are busier than ever and getting family members out the door and into the car can be a challenge. Frazzled or rushed parents may be more prone to making errors and slacking on safety. When it comes to children in motor vehicles, however, failing to take [...]
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Traffic safety officials target Tennessee highways

In an effort to protect the lives of drivers throughout the state, the Governor's Highway Safety Office of Tennessee is running a new safety campaign. Coined "More Cops. More Stops", the campaign's goal is to cut down on the number of car accidents and save lives.
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New initiative provides safe driving tips

States across the nation are joining in a campaign to prevent fatal motor vehicle accidents. Coined the Zero Fatalities Campaign, the initiative aims to promote safety and awareness among all drivers.
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Volvo fined in delayed recall of dangerous cars

Regulators fined Volvo automaker $1.5 million for delaying seven different recalls. A statement from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said that the settlement is meant to show car companies that everyone must obey the laws and address safety issues in a timely [...]
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Hormone treatment holds promise for brain injury recovery: Part Two

In our last post we discussed the difficulty that many patients experience in recovering from a traumatic brain injury. Car accidents or other big impacts can cause swelling which may destroy cells brain cells that do not regenerate.
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Hormone treatment holds promise for brain injury recovery: Part One

Traumatic brain injuries are very difficult to treat, according to experts, because the brain is slow to recover from impacts and is not believed to be able to regenerate lost cells. After a traumatic brain injury occurs from an event like a car accident or a concussion [...]
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