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Traffic safety officials target Tennessee highways

In an effort to protect the lives of drivers throughout the state, the Governor's Highway Safety Office of Tennessee is running a new safety campaign. Coined "More Cops. More Stops", the campaign's goal is to cut down on the number of car accidents and save lives.

Main initiatives of the safety campaign include raising awareness of the risks associated with dangerous driving practices including speeding and drinking while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Another main safety issue involves the use of seat belts.

During 2010, more than 580 fatal traffic accidents involved drivers and passengers who were not properly restrained. During this same year, excessive speeding was found to have contributed to roughly 22 percent of car accident fatalities and alcohol use was a factor in 27 percent of fatal traffic accidents. Statistics show that male drivers age 18-34 tend to be most likely to engage in reckless driving practices such as speeding and drinking while driving.

The goal of the initiative is to raise awareness of these dangerous driving behaviors in an attempt to stop would-be offenders before accidents happen. Tennessee is one of two states that are joining forces with the U.S. Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to test whether such highly visible campaigns are effective.

Traffic accidents involving motor vehicles traveling at high speeds or driven by an impaired driver tend to result in serious injuries and a higher percentage of fatalities. In an effort to protect lives, drivers would be wise to heed warnings related to these dangerous behaviors.

Source: Tennessee Governor's Highway Safety Office, "Tennessee Law Enforcement Making Roadways Safer with More Cops. More Stops." July 26, 2012

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