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Why Do More Car Accidents Occur in the Evening

Car accidents are not rare, and statistics show that night driving is much more dangerous than driving in the day. 

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there is an increase in fatal crashes, and crashes in general, after the sun goes down. What makes night driving so dangerous and how can you combat the danger?

Less Visibility

Especially in places without street lights, it can be near impossible to see your surroundings without using high beams. Even with them, it can be difficult to notice obstructions in your path before it is too late. It can be tough to drive at night with of other cars’ headlights shining in your eyes and can lead to more chaotic crashes.

Drivers Are More Likely to be Fatigued

Many crashes happen at night because the body is naturally more tired. Drowsy driving attributes to numerous crashes when drivers find themselves:

  • Nodding off behind the wheel
  • Yawning, frequent blinking
  • Merging without meaning
  • Erratic speeding up and slowing down

Intoxicated Drivers

Drunk driving occurs much more in the night than in the day, especially in the later hours. Drinking impairs drivers motor functions and response time, making it easier for accidents to occur.

Tips on Staying Safe When Driving at Night

There are several things you can do to help cars see you as well as helping you stay awake. The tips include:

  • Make sure you have your headlights on. If you are driving at dusk or at night without your headlights, cars may not be able to see you, which can increase the chances of a crash.
  • Move away from other cars’ headlights: If a car behind you has their high beams on or their headlights are shining into your eyes, feel free to let them pass you if possible.
  • Drive with a passenger. When you are able to talk to someone while driving, you may be more awake, which can help you avoid drowsy driving and crashes.

Night driving can be dangerous as you have less visibility and the chances of falling asleep are higher, but knowing the risks and ways to combat them can be beneficial.

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