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Lawsuit in Tennesse Alleges Car Transmission Defect

Accidents happen on the roads of Tennessee all the time, and they are usually resolved easily between drivers even when damage or injury has occurred.  Sometimes one of the drivers will be liable for causing the crash, and the maker of a car may be at fault on rare occasions as well.

A Tennessee man is alleging in a recent lawsuit that his sedan should have been recalled for repairs or replacement long ago because of a design flaw. The plaintiff is hoping to bring a class action lawsuit against the manufacturer to correct the shaking, shuddering, noise making and engine failure due to faulty transmissions or transmission parts.

The plaintiff's car was brought back to the dealer with enough problems to warrant the replacement of the transmission. After $3,700 in expenses, he still had the same issues. The car will occasionally fail to accelerate, according to the lawsuit, creating a danger to drivers of the car and people nearby it.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has received more than 250 complaints nationwide regarding this model year of the sedan, and most report the same problems as the lawsuit. The manufacturer issued a programming update, but most owners do not believe it fixed the problem either.

People who have suffered financial loss, damage or injury due to a car manufacturing defect have the right to seek reimbursement and compensation for the trouble they went through for their vehicle. An attorney can review the details of an auto defect case and suggest ways forward in negotiation, settlement or a court of law to bring satisfaction to plaintiffs.

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