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5 Tips to Safely Pass a Tractor Trailer

Summer is here, which means road trips galore! But that also means increased traffic.

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With an increase in traffic congestion, comes an increase in tractor trailers. Because of the size of these big rigs, it can be difficult to maneuver safely around them. Whether it's on a multiple-lane roadway, or you're passing on a highway, make sure to follow these steps to pass with care and keep everybody in both vehicles out of harm's way! If you respect truck drivers by following these simple tips, they'll return the favor.

Be Aware of Blind Spots

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If you can't see the mirrors on the semi, the semi driver can't see you. There's a LOT of truck and a not a lot of mirror to see what's happening on the road. The biggest blind spot is on the right side of the tractor trailer. If you're on a multiple-lane highway, use extreme caution when passing on the right. If you can help it, always pass on the left for the highest visibility.

Make Sure the Semi Isn't Turning

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Accidents often happen when semis are turning and drivers don't realize the room necessary to make the maneuver. Any time a tractor trailer is making a turn, avoid passing on either side, and leave plenty of room between your vehicle and the semi. They'll be all clear soon enough and you'll be safely on your way.

Signal, Signal, Signal

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Turn signals were made to be used! Even if nobody is behind you, put your blinker on to let the semi driver know your intentions. Once you are past the semi, make sure you can see the cab of the truck fully in your rear-view mirror before signaling to get back over into your lane.

Drive the Posted Speed Limit (Even When Passing)

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It's important to safely get around the tractor trailer quickly, but that doesn't mean it's safe to break other laws along the way. You should only pass another vehicle on the roadway going the posted speed limit. Go as quickly as you can while still maintaining a safe speed!

Obey the Rules of the Road

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These tips can help you safely pass a semi, but the tips are useless if you don't follow the other rules of the road. Put down the phone, minimize any distractions possible, and help ensure everybody gets where they need to go safely. No text message is so important that it can't wait until you're no longer driving.

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