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Medication error: It could happen to you

In a perfect world, you'd never have to take prescription medication. Instead, you would feel 100 percent healthy all the time.

Unfortunately, you know that things don't always work this way. You know there will be times when you have no choice but to take prescription medicine as a means of overcoming a medical problem (or at least controlling the symptoms).

A medication error is every bit as serious as it sounds. This can take on many forms, such as a doctor prescribing a patient the wrong medication. Another example of this is a pharmacist filling the wrong medication, thus leading to the patient taking something that is not prescribed for him or her.

While seniors are in particular danger in regards to medication errors, this can happen to anyone. Like most, you are probably in the habit of trusting everything your medical team tells you. So, if they give you a prescription to take, you probably follow through with the idea that it will improve your health.

If you are the victim of a medication error it's imperative to learn more about what went wrong. For instance, find out who was responsible for the error. Along with this, don't hesitate to seek medical attention if the mistake has caused you some harm.

It's your hope that any medication error doesn't lead to a serious illness, but this is not out of the question. If that happens to you, it's a must that you learn more about your legal rights with the idea that you may be able to hold the negligent party responsible for his or her actions.

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