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How do I file a safety complaint about my car?

Cars get us to and from home, school, work, fun and everything in between. As much as we love our cars, they can become problematic at times. From routine maintenance to parts replacement and even recall notices, cars require a lot of care to keep them running properly. However, what if something unsafe happens with your car? How do you file a safety complaint?

Any issue that plagues your car and cannot be fixed by the dealer or a mechanic should be reported to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Filing a complaint takes just ten minutes and can be done on the agency's website. If you don't have access to their website, the complaint can be filed over the phone Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Filing a complaint with the NHTSA is important because it can help protect other vehicle owners from the same safety issues that you are having with your car. Many automotive recalls are issued based on complaints filed by consumers.

Your complaint will be handled by the agency's Office of Defects Investigation. An engineer from the ODI might contact you following your filing of the complaint to ask additional questions. The NHTSA will conduct an investigation to determine whether or not your complaint is part of a "safety defect trend."

You should gather the following information in order to complete the complaint form online or file via phone:

-- Model year of your vehicle

-- Make of your vehicle

-- Model of your vehicle

-- Component of your vehicle that your complaint centers around

-- The vehicle identification number (VIN)

-- Events leading to failure you are describing

-- How often the failure happens and its consequences

-- What steps have been taken to remedy the failure

Have you or a loved one suffered an injury due to an auto defect? An experienced products liability attorney can answer all of your questions regarding your case in Nashville.

Source: NHTSA, "File a Tires, Equipment or Child Seat Safety Complaint," accessed May 16, 2017

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