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Symptoms of a defective medical device

Defective medical devices are more common than some might realize. Every now and then, various medical devices pop up in the news because they have caused some sort of injury or illness to patients. If you've seen these news reports and wonder if you've been affected by such a problem, you will want to know the symptoms of a defective medical device.

One of the most common defective medical devices is the NuvaRing. This is a birth control device that is inserted into the woman to prevent pregnancy. In order for it to work properly, it must be replaced once per month. Common symptoms of a defective NuvaRing include:

- Nausea

- Hair loss

- Thromboembolic complications

- Blood clots

Transvaginal mesh is another product that has caused patients to suffer injuries. Transvaginal mesh is used by women who suffer from pelvic organ prolapse. This condition can be caused by pregnancy. The transvaginal mesh is inserted into the woman to strengthen the vaginal tissue that has been weakened by the condition. Patients with this device might experience the following symptoms if it is defective:

- Infection

- Bleeding

- Pain

- Erosion of vaginal tissue

- Pelvic organ prolapse recurrence

- Blood vessel, bowel or bladder perforation

- Vaginal tissue erosion

Stryker hip implants have also been the subject of various recalls due to injuries to patients. Not all hip implants have been defective, but symptoms of these devices include the following:

- Squeaky joints

- Pain

- Difficulty walking

- Parts of the implant shattering or breaking into pieces

- Bone chipping or fracturing

- Swelling in area of the hip

Having a medical device installed in the body should help relieve the pain associated with whatever condition it is the patient is suffering. Patients injured by defective medical devices are put through unnecessary pain and suffering.

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