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Lawsuit: Defective birth control pills led to pregnancies

Of the many ways women can prevent a pregnancy, taking oral contraceptive pills may be among the most popular. In Tennessee and across the country, numerous women obtain prescriptions for the medication, taking it as the manufacturer or a physician instructs them to do so. A defect in the drug or inappropriate administration could result in a pregnancy. Unfortunately, a recent lawsuit illustrates what can happen when something is amiss with the medication.

Qualitest Pharmaceuticals, which is a subsidiary of Endo Pharmaceuticals, recalled eight kinds of birth control pills. The company had learned that the way the pills were packaged was incorrect. Instead of placing placebo pills in the designated spot, they were slotted into the area for the hormone pill. Fifty-three of the returned 500,000 packs were found to be improperly packaged.

However, more than 100 women had already used the medication and had an accidental pregnancy as a result. In early November, the women filed a class action lawsuit against the pharmaceutical company and its manufacturers. Across 26 states, there were 113 unplanned pregnancies. Among the millions of dollars in damages that the suit calls for is the expense of raising children. 

As the head of the National Women’s Health Network states, whenever a company makes a mistake such as this, they should rectify the situation. A defective drug can cause a number of problems for a patient, ranging from an unplanned pregnancy to continued or worsened illness or even death. Anyone who has concerns over matters such as this should consult with an attorney.

Source: CBS News, “More than 100 women say birth control mix-up led to unplanned pregnancies,” Nov. 12, 2015

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