Woman who lost husband in fatal car accident seeks help

While most drivers in Tennessee are cautious on the road and take care not to endanger themselves and other drivers, there is always the risk of a car collision. When there is a car accident, it is imperative that those involved stop and make certain the other drivers are not hurt and the insurance information can be exchanged. Unfortunately, some drivers do not follow the law when it comes to stopping after an accident, compounding the incident. People who have been affected need to know what to do in an accident's aftermath if it is a hit and run.

A woman who lost her husband in a car collision is seeking assistance from the public in finding the other driver who left the scene. The man and his wife were driving on the interstate when they were hit by a truck. They were forced from the road and crashed. The husband was pronounced dead at the site of the accident. His wife was flown to the hospital via medical airlift. A 20-year Air Force veteran, the woman's husband was also a firefighter and worked for OSHA. The woman has since been released with the hospital after suffering multiple injuries. She will undergo rehabilitation therapy. The vehicle that hit them is believed to be a red Dodge Ram 1500. The accident investigation is ongoing.

Given the long-term issues that a person can face after being hurt in an accident and simultaneously losing a loved one, it is imperative to have assistance in what to do to receive adequate compensation. There can be massive medical costs for the injured person as well as the financial and personal issues they will face after the fatality. Insurance companies are interested in their own bottom line and any offer they make will be made to preclude a potentially costly legal filing. Having legal help is often a key.

In this case, the woman is now a widow because of the car crash. She was seriously hurt and the driver of the other vehicle ran from the scene. The accident investigation continues as police search for the driver. For now, one thing the widow must do is to have legal protection from a qualified legal professional.

Source: WKRN, "Widow of I-40 hit-and-run victim hopes to bring driver to justice," Joseph Pleasant, March 19, 2015

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