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Medical products recalled due to risk of serious infections

Sometimes it can seem like the Nashville news is full of product recalls, all coming after consumers have already been injured. This is not, however, always the case. In some situations, companies may choose to issue voluntary recalls for products that have not yet given rise to any injuries, deaths or property damage.

A voluntary medical product recall has been issued for sterile products made by Oregon Compounding Centers, Inc. The recall was initiated when it was discovered that these products could contain from microbial contaminations, which could lead to serious and life-threatening infections. No reports of injuries have arisen relating to this potential contamination. 

Consumers are being asked to stop using these products immediately. Affected units can be identified by their labels, which will bear a lot number and the name Creative Compounds. Recalled items can be returned, but reports do not indicate whether consumers will receive replacement products, refunds or other forms of compensation.

Those who purchased these recalled products should receive a notification by the company. Consumers who believe they have had a problem that relates to this recall are advised to let their physicians know, as well as make a report to the FDA.

It can be admirable when companies choose to issue recalls for defective medical devices voluntarily. However, if these products result in negative health implications for consumers, that manufacturer and/or distributor may still be held liable for those injuries, despite the recall. If you have been hurt after using a recalled medical product, you may find it helpful to ask an attorney about your legal options.

Source: fda.gov, "Oregon Compounding Centers, Inc. Issues Voluntary Recall of Unexpired Sterile Products in Oregon and Washington Due to Lack of Sterility Assurance," Oct. 9, 2014 

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