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Tennessee car accident blamed on black cat

Superstition may be to blame for a recent car accident in Cookeville, Tennessee. A 44-year-old woman said that she saw a black cat which caused her to lose control of her pickup truck last week.

The woman was driving down Hudgens Street on a Thursday afternoon when she had her run in with bad luck. "She stated that a black cat ran across the road and therefore she used her finger to mark an X on the windshield via the superstition," the police report said.

This act caused the woman to close control of her 1999 GMC pickup. The woman's pickup ran off of the road, barreled through a home's yard and then came back onto East Hudgens Street in the lane of travel of a Ford Fusion. The Fusion had nearly stopped before hitting the woman's pickup but was unable to completely avoid the head-on accident.

The woman told police officers that she lost control while making the superstitious X on her windshield. She was rushed to a hospital and then charged with driving without insurance and not having a driver's license. It is unclear whether the Sparta man driving the Ford fusion or if his passenger suffered any personal injuries.

Regardless of any superstitious beliefs of the woman, an accident such as this one would like be considered to be the result of negligence. Those who fail to maintain their vehicles in the presence of cats or any other distractions will likely face a personal injury lawsuit for any damages that they cause.

Source: Herald-citizen, "Black cat causes head-on collision," Mary Jo Denton, Sept. 21, 2011

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