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Weakley County mother of 3 dies in highway car accident

A Weakley County mother of three died in a car accident last Thursday near the town of Gleason. The Tennessee Highway Patrol responded to reports of the single-car accident outside of Gleason around 7:20 a.m.

A Highway Patrol report indicates that the mother was driving northbound on Highway 190 in her Chevy Impala when the accident occurred. The Impala left the roadway and the woman apparently overcorrected, NWTN Today reports. The mother's Impala began to roll and she was ejected from the vehicle. Three children were also reportedly injured in the crash.

Although only a single car was involved in this accident, overcorrected vehicles on Tennessee highways frequently cause multiple-car accidents. In situations where a vehicle begins to roll, severe personal injuries and fatalities are not uncommon. A Highway Patrol Trooper said that be believes that the mother's failure to use a seatbelt was a contributing factor in her death.

The mother's 16-year-old son was the front passenger in the Impala. A 14-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son were in the backseat the vehicle. The mother and children did not use seat belts, according to the Highway Patrol report. The 2-year-old was in a child seat, but it was improperly used.

The Weakley County Director of Schools issued a statement that the school district was considering the counseling needs of students. "We are deeply saddened to receive this tragic information regarding our two students and their mother. They are all in our thoughts and prayers," he said.

The medical condition of the children was not immediately reported.

Source: NWTN Today, "Weakley County accident claims life of Gleason mother," 2/28/11

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