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What to do if You’re in an Accident While on Vacation

Most people go on vacation as a way to get away from the problems and stresses of everyday life, but it’s nearly impossible to relax after an auto, truck or car accident away from home.

It doesn’t matter where the wreck happens, it can be scary and confusing, especially if you don’t know how to handle the situation correctly. We understand how tough it can be to go through something like this when you’re away from home and your primary doctor.

There is good news, however. Even though legal systems vary when you travel, what you should do in the event of an accident doesn’t change.

Even if you’re eager to get back to the fun, taking the time to complete the right steps will save you in the long run. Here’s what you should do if you have an accident while on vacation.

Notify the People in Charge

Your first course of action will always be to notify someone of the incident. In the event of an auto accident, you need to call the appropriate authorities and wait for them to arrive at the scene. Reporting the issue early makes your claim stronger.

Furthermore, if you have travel insurance, let them know about the incident as soon as possible. Also reach out to your primary insurance provider.

Get Documentation

Pictures are worth a thousand words and are the best form of documentation. Photos can provide the conditions, surrounding area, and those involved. If you’re unable to take photos, ask someone with you or anyone who witnessed the incident to do so on your behalf and send them to you.

This process is usually easier on vacations because most tourists have cameras or smartphones with them. However, your time for taking photos may be limited since accidents have to be cleared from the road. Try your best to take pictures of the scene, your injuries, and any contributing factors you notice. Waiting can lead to losing critical evidence.

Obtain Contact Information

It is essential to get the contact information of everyone involved in the wreck. It is absolutely crucial to obtain this information from the other drivers and witnesses who saw the car accident.

You must also remember to get those same details from the doctors and police you spoke with, carefully documenting any facilities or offices you visited while on vacation. This documentation is a major part of winning your case. It shows your attention to detail and supports the seriousness of your accident.

Schedule Your Free Consultation

When filing an insurance claim or requesting compensation, you need to provide as much evidence as possible. It can become almost impossible to get this information after the fact. The more exotic your trip, the harder it becomes to find this information once you return home.

Don’t Admit Fault

Remember to avoid discussing fault until after the completion of an investigation. If you experience an accident in a cab, rideshare, rental, or car of your own, you may have to speak with insurance companies about your injuries.

Remember to avoid talking about who was at fault until you have an attorney to represent you.

See a Doctor

Even if you’re able to walk away from the accident with or without an injury, you should always get evaluated by a medical professional after. Many injuries have delayed onsets like whiplash or muscle strain, and the shock of your experience may not allow your body or mind to fully register the effects right away.

It’s also not uncommon for serious long-term injuries to initially feel like simple soreness. Always explain to a physician how you were hurt. Getting an immediate check-up from a medical provider will support your claim as it provides further documentation and solid evidence.

If you feel lost in finding a provider on vacation, consider speaking to a local reputable attorney to find doctors who are experienced with handling accident-related injuries. These providers will know what to look for and can spot things that less experienced doctors could miss. You can always go to the nearest emergency room as well.

Consult With a Personal Injury Attorney

When you’re injured in a car accident on vacation, it helps to speak to an experienced auto accident attorney for advice. The rules change based on jurisdiction (state to state, or out of the country), so you need to be sure you are informed about the laws that apply to where the accident happened. In the event your case needs to go to court, you would need a local attorney to help handle your situation.

Most importantly, you should always contact a trusted attorney you know as well. The experienced professionals at Bart Durham Injury Law will give you the advice you need and support you through the process. They will fight for the compensation you deserve. They have a proven track record of success in personal injury claims, advocating for victims since 1975.

If you or a loved one need to make an accident claim, give our team a call or chat with us online 24/7. We offer free consultations and you owe us nothing in attorney fees unless you recover money in a settlement or jury verdict. Don’t go through it alone, give us a call today. We’ll take care of you!

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