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Scootering During the Winter: Top Tips for a Safer Ride

Getting around town via electric scooters has become increasingly popular over recent years, but riding scooters in nasty weather conditions doesn’t have to end in bad news. If you must head out into cold, icy conditions, follow these quick tips for a safer scooter ride. 

Avoid Riding After it Rains

During winter months, rain tends to freeze rather quickly, which can be slick and dangerous. If it hasn't rained in awhile, the roads and sidewalks will be more slippery after the first few hours of a shower. If you’re already out riding, then it’s best to pull over or drive extremely slowly.

Ride Slower than Normal

If the weather is hindering your driving in any way, you should drive extra slowly. You don’t want to be going fast and slip on black ice and potentially run into a car or another person. Riding more slowly will reduce the likeliness of having an accident in bad conditions.

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Signal the Brake Earlier

Signaling the brake earlier will allow for other people around you to have time to distance themselves if you’re stopping or turning. Preparing to stop earlier will avoid harsh accidents on the road or sidewalks.

Consider Other Forms of Transportation 

If the weather is extremely bad with roads and sidewalks covered with snow and ice, then we recommend using another mode of transportation if at all possible. 

Be Prepared for Harsh Weather

If you decide to scooter to your destination and power through the bad weather, you should make sure to be extra cautious. The winter wind can be powerful, so you should lean into it if it is constant to avoid injuries or accidents.

Also, make sure you check the weather before facing the cold so you can be sure to dress accordingly. 

There’s a lot to keep in mind while riding a scooter in the winter, or any time for that matter. If you or someone you know has been in a scooter accident and needs help, contact our team of experts at Bart Durham Injury Law. 

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