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April 2018 News

A power tool design defect is a big deal

Are you the type of person who uses power tools day in and day out? Maybe you do so for pleasure around your home. Maybe you use power tools to do your job, such as on a construction site or in a warehouse setting.
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What to expect and do after a pharmacy mistake

When your doctor prescribes a medication, you have every reason to believe that the information will be relayed to your pharmacy without incident.
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Take action if you were injured by a dangerous product

When you purchase any type of product, from a motor vehicle to a toy for your child, you have every right to assume that it will be 100 percent safe to use in the intended manner.
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Costs of DUI on Labor Day Weekend Run High

Labor Day is just around the corner, and everyone is gearing up for the unofficial end of summer. You may not think too much about getting behind the wheel of car, truck, or a boat after having a few drinks this Labor Day, but it could be a very costly mistake.
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How can young adults prevent a cancer misdiagnosis?

As a young adult or parent of a young adult, there's something you need to remember: Cancer could strike when you least expect it.
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Giveaways during Bowling Green Hot Rods games, June 23-24

WIN a 50" HDTV or Jake Owen Concert Tickets Visit our booth at Bowling Green Park on June 23 and 24 to pick up some FREE Bart Durham Injury Law swag and to enter the drawings!
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Second new wrongful death trial granted by appeals court

When the plaintiff and the defendant turn evidence over to one another, it is called the discovery phase. It doesn't matter if the plaintiff or defendant think that a piece of evidence is not important, all evidence must be turned over to the other side during discovery. When [...]
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Top reasons for medical malpractice lawsuits

Even if you're keeping a watchful eye on your medical team, there's always a chance a mistake could happen.
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Riding toys are particularly dangerous

As a parent, you do whatever it takes to keep your children safe. This means checking the toys you buy with the idea of keeping them away from any that could cause harm.
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Are you familiar with the dangers of these products?

As you go through your day, it's safe to say that you come in contact with quite a few products. Think about all the things you use before you ever even leave your home in the morning.
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Are you asking your pharmacist these questions?

Although you trust your doctor and pharmacist to do the right things in regards to your health, there's something you must always remember: Mistakes can happen.
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