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December 2017 News

A child can experience many types of injuries

As a parent, you remember what it was like to be a child. You know that kids get into things (often at the worst time). You also know that they will suffer injuries every now and again.
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Why your medical device was likely recalled

As was the case with DePuy hip replacements, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) may order that a medical device manufacturer either temporarily or permanently remove its product from the market.
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Should I hire an attorney for a worker's compensation case?

In a perfect world, you shouldn't need an attorney if you've been in a workplace accident. However, there are several instances in which hiring an attorney can make a significant impact on your worker's compensation case.
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How much is my personal injury case worth?

Every personal injury case is unique and has many factors that determine how much the case is worth. Everything from the severity of injury, to lost work, to even where the accident happened can make a tremendous difference in the final payout once everything is settled.
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Key terms to know if you have a defective vehicle

Vehicles can be defective for numerous reasons. A design defect means it will never be safe, even when assembled properly. A manufacturing defect means mistakes were made during assembly that compromised an otherwise safe design.
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System errors can cause a prescription drug mistake

As a patient, you may be OK with the idea of taking a prescription drug as long as it will improve your overall level of health.
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Why are window blinds still killing our kids?

Sometimes even the household items that appear the most innocuous are the ones that present the worst hazards. Such is the case with window blinds cords, which are still considered to be prominent dangers decades after researchers identified them as safety hazards.
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Are you dealing with defective brakes? Take action now

Every component of your vehicle is essential to it running in the intended manner. However, some systems are more important to your safety than others. The brakes in your vehicle are a safety critical system.
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What are some of the more well-known products liability cases?

When we hear about defective products on the news, we often hear about toys posing choking hazards or a car airbag being activated at an inopportune time.
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Are there any warning signs of defective tires?

When you buy tires for your vehicle, most people never think twice about safety. In fact, since the tires are new, they assume that they'll be completely safe when cared for in the appropriate manner.
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The FDA highlights the dangers of using injectible silicone

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a public health warning on Nov. 14. It highlighted the dangers associated with individuals having silicone injected into their bodies either to help with contouring or other types of body enhancement.
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