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June 2015 News

Safety testing of medical devices may be insufficient

Over the past few decades, there have been many medical breakthroughs in medications, treatments and devices that have saved countless lives. However, the prevalence of medical malpractice lawsuits has shown that some of these treatments had detrimental effects on patients [...]
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Tennessee one of the strictest states for drunk driving

When it comes to drunk driving accidents, law enforcement officials bar no holds in their pursuit of a conviction, which is good news for victims. But while every state takes drunk driving cases seriously, some states take them more seriously than others, and Virginia is one of [...]
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Where can I learn more about motorcycle accidents?

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, or even if you simply want to be more prepared if such a tragedy should occur, then you likely have many questions. How can you prove fault in the accident? What state-specific laws should I know about? These are just a few of [...]
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Two fatalities in three-car Tennessee accident

It seems that no matter how much more aware we become as a society of the dangers of car accidents, there is just no avoiding them. Sometimes it feels like not a day goes by in Tennessee where you don't hear about another tragic accident, and unfortunately recent weeks are no [...]
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Audit: NHTSA’s auto defect screening procedures are insufficient

Defective products result in a great number of injuries and deaths to consumers nationwide. This is especially true of auto defects. Serious defects in the parts that keep a car running safely can have devastating effects for the Nashville residents who drive them. For this [...]
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Common causes of truck accidents

In most cases, truck drivers are very good about avoiding accidents. This is understandable considering that they are professional drivers, and it is their job to drive safely. They even receive special licensing in order to guarantee that they are properly prepared to operate [...]
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How are design defects and manufacturing defects different?

If you pay attention to the headlines, you’ll notice that product recalls occur on a regular basis for a wide variety of consumer items. This is to protect people in Nashville and everywhere else in the country from being harmed by a dangerous item. However, you might not [...]
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Justice for victims of car accidents

Every time we step into our vehicles to drive to a destination, we run the risk of getting into a car accident. They may not be extremely common, and many people are fortunate enough to experience very few, if any, throughout their lives, but those people who are involved in [...]
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Are there different types of brain injury?

Like most types of injury, there are varying degrees of severity and type when it comes to brain injuries. The circumstances under which the injury was suffered, where the damage occurred and other such factors can affect the type of brain injury, and different types of brain [...]
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Construction safety violations can result in fatal accidents

Every day in Nashville and across the country, construction workers risk their lives on the job. It might be difficult for those who don’t work in the construction industry to understand the dangers these men and women face. Even with protective equipment and procedures, there [...]
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Legal assistance is even more important in truck accidents

Many car accidents, such as fender-benders, are not severe issues that require legal assistance and can simply be managed with a few phone calls to an insurance company. Individuals involved in more serious car accidents can benefit from legal assistance to receive compensation [...]
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Multiple motorcycle accidents occur in Tennessee

Many people may not know that May is national Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, but unfortunately in Tennessee, most of the motorcycles we are being made aware of are those involved in serious accidents. These accidents are truly tragic, as many Tennessee motorcyclists look [...]
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Study: Pitocin may be harmful to newborn infants

If you are expecting a baby, you probably have a lot of overwhelming information to sort through during this exciting time. One of the most important topics to think about is the actual birth of your child. If a C-section is not in your plans, then your doctor might have [...]
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