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June 2012 News

Tennessee jury awards $9 million in drunk driving case

A Tennessee woman has been awarded one of the biggest jury awards in the state's history for injuries that she suffered in a 2008 drunk driving car accident. The woman was 18-years-old and a student at Ooltewah High School when the 29-year-old man's car drifted into oncoming [...]
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Laws vary widely on teen drivers licensing

It is widely acknowledge that teenage drivers are the most at risk for a car crash and for traffic fatalities. Car accidents are the leading cause of death among teens in the United States, and the first year that they have a driver's license is one of the most dangerous parts [...]
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Motorcycle helmet laws remain controversial

Regulators continue to struggle with motorcycle safety laws as catastrophic injuries and fatality rates remain high in most states.
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Brain injury prevention is focus of new youth football rules

Youth football practice is about to get a lot safer for players. Football practice has been shown to be the source of a majority of hard hits that cause repetitive trauma to player's heads and brains. Nationwide football league Pop Warner has just announced that contact drills [...]
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Truck driver says Lohan tried to flee accident scene, bribe him

The driver of an 18-wheeler truck told reporters late last week that he was involved in rear-end accident with troubled actress Lindsay Lohan. Photos from the accident scene show a Porsche with a severely damaged front, indicating that she did crash into the truck at a high [...]
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Driver fatigue was a major factor in fatal bus accident

In a previous post, we discussed the large-scale shutdown by federal authorities of bus companies that were violating safety regulations. Among other problems, the drivers at those bus companies were often not properly licensed and not screened for drug use regularly. There were [...]
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Car accident survivor launches TBI support site

About 1.7 million people in America sustain a traumatic brain injury every year. These injuries can cause permanent disability to survivors and the road to recover is often long and difficult. Yet, many survivors find that a support network is hard to come by. One young man has [...]
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Rats with severe spinal cord injuries walk again

In an exciting study to be published today in Science, researchers are announcing that they have successfully rehabilitated rats with severe spinal cord injuries. The results are groundbreaking and represent a major step forward for paralysis treatment. Researchers utilized [...]
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