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Is your medication making you sick?

It's good to know that there is medication you can take for almost every illness imaginable. This doesn't mean it will cure you once and for all, but it can definitely help with some of your symptoms.

Unfortunately, there are times when your medication can cause more harm than good. This is why you need to be aware of exactly what you are putting into your body, as well as the side effects you can expect to run into.

Drug toxicity, for example, can come into play if your doctor prescribes a medication dose that is too high. This can result in a variety of symptoms, including but not limited to dizziness, mental disorientation, memory loss and fainting.

Just the same, taking a defective drug can have a negative impact on your mind and body. You should stay in close contact with your medical team as to ensure that you never take a drug that has been recalled for any reason.

Finally, keep in mind that a medication that didn't make you sick in the past could do so in the future. There are many reasons for this, such as weight loss or the fact that you're taking additional drugs for other health concerns.

If your medication is making you sick, it's imperative to stop taking it right away. Hoping that the problem gets better on its own may only make things worse.

From there, learn more about what went wrong. You may come to find that another party, such as the drug manufacturer, acted in a negligent manner. In this case, you'll want to focus in on your legal rights and the steps to take next.

Source: AARP, "When Medicine Makes You Sick," accessed March 22, 2018

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