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Top 3 Ways to Avoid a Boating Accident

In 2018, the U.S. Coast Guard reported 4,145 boating accidents that resulted in 2,511 injuries and 633 fatalities. With numbers such as these, you may wonder what can be done to keep YOU from being a statistic.

We've listed the top three ways to help prevent a boating accident:

1. Don't Drink & Drive

Most of us know that it's illegal to drink and drive a car. But did you know the same rules apply to boats?

In fact, the blood alcohol content (BAC) limit for those operating a boat is 0.08 - the same as driving on the road. Alcohol use was the leading-known contributing factor in fatal boating accidents for 2018.

You may want to partake in the celebration on the water, but if you are the driver of the boat, you must be responsible and not become inebriated.

2. Know the Ropes

When analyzing information on boaters involved in an accident, the USCG found that 77% of those involved in a fatal accident did not attain a nationally-approved boating safety certificate.

Just as you study state law before getting your driver's license, you must study and pass an exam to hold a boating license. People may think they can skip this step and never get caught, but as the stats show, this gamble can result in serious consequences.

3. Buckle Up

Wearing a life jacket may seem like a no-brainer, but drownings continue to occur season-after-season due to folks NOT wearing one. 83% of boaters who drowned were reported to not be wearing a life jacket.

Just wearing any life jacket isn't the solution, though. Make sure to have one that properly fits your body and is certified by the USCG. That way, the life jacket can do its job when you need it.

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If you ever find yourself injured in a boating accident thanks to someone being careless, be sure to give us a call - 800-844-1712 - or contact us online. We ALWAYS answer your questions and review your case for FREE.

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