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Accepting an insurance payout may not be the best idea

The damages and injuries that a motorcyclist can suffer in the event of a motor vehicle accident are catastrophic. Even if the biker is wearing a helmet and moving at a relatively low speed, the possibility of broken bones or even lost limbs is very real. Motorcyclists who are not at fault in the accident can recover compensation for their injuries, but just because you are offered compensation does not necessarily mean that you should take it.

If an accident does occur, the best case scenario is to have multiple witnesses who can testify about the circumstances of the crash. This should allow the authorities to determine who was at fault. For instances in which a motorcyclist was clearly not at fault in an accident, that motorcyclist may be offered a payout by the insurance company of the driver who was at fault. The motorcyclist may also be tempted to take the payout.

Before you agree to anything, it may be in your best interests to meet with an attorney. Insurance companies know the score when it comes to motorcycle accidents, and they are always looking for ways to save money. This means that if they are offering you a payout, they are likely offering you a lower amount than you would recover with a successful claim. There is also a strong chance that they are afraid your claim is strong enough to be successful.

If you have been injured in a Tennessee motorcycle accident, please visit our web page to learn more about how we can help you evaluate the full extent of your injuries and help you recover the compensation you deserve.

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