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What are facts and dangers of being a distracted driver?

In Tennessee and throughout the country, there are many ways in which attention can be diverted from the road. Even if it's for a split second, that small time frame can mean the difference between avoiding a car accident or being injured or killed in one. While some might believe that those who are behaving as a distracted driver or texting and driving are asking for their fate, it's not just the person who is ignoring the road that is affected by these incidents. Innocent people on the road can be hurt and the information regarding distracted driving is so important that everyone needs to understand how dangerous it can be.

A vast number of people asked cite distracted driving as a concern when they're on the road. The statistics back up the fear. According to federal approximations, as many as 16 percent of fatal accidents are a result of people who are driving while distracted. That results in about 5,000 people dying every year. According to the AAA Foundation, those who get a better grasp on the dangers of driving while distracted will hopefully stop the behaviors that lead to distraction.

Teens are vulnerable to this behavior in part because of their lack of experience behind the wheel, in part due to the inevitable feeling of indestructability that comes with youth, and from not comprehending how deadly texting and driving, eating and driving and other acts that lead to not paying complete attention to the road can be. Studies have indicated that drivers might be paying attention to things other than the road as much as 50 percent of the time. This will inevitably result in crashes if it's not stopped.

The inherent dangers of heading out on the road are unavoidable. What is preventable is people operating their vehicles while doing other things like using their cell phones. Unfortunately, not everyone is paying heed to the warnings and there is a continued decision to drive while multi-tasking and fomenting danger.

When there is a crash and it's suspected that a negligent driver caused it, there might be medical costs and even fatalities. Those who have been harmed need to understand their rights to pursue compensation with the assistance of a legal professional with experience in pursuing these cases.

Source: AAA Foundation, "Distracted Driving," accessed on Mar. 17, 2015

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