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Brain injury conference planned for Tennessee

A traumatic brain injury can be devastating to a victim. Even minor damage to a person's brain can result in serious issues. People can lose their ability to function as they once did. They may struggle to complete everyday tasks, form relationships or hold a job. Even with tremendous effort, rehabilitation and work, many of these symptoms may never go away. TBIs can result in permanent harm to victims.

Despite the seriousness of TBIs, little is known about how to treat symptoms or prevent them in the first place. This is difficult news for those Tennessee residents that live everyday with medical issues that have arisen from a brain injury. In fact, nearly 8,000 people in Tennessee are hospitalized every year because of a brain injury.

In an effort to learn a bit more about brain injuries and how to prevent them, Tennessee will hold a brain injury conference. The conference is sponsored by the Tennessee Department of Health and will coincide with the beginning of National Brain Injury Awareness Month in March. At the conference, families of victims and medical professionals will get together and talk about ways to help brain injury victims. This will include a discussion on how to prevent brain injuries and how to minimize the financial impact of a brain injury.

TBIs can be very expensive to victims and their families. When a TBI is caused by the negligence of another, the negligent party can be held financially responsible for the victim's expenses. A legal suit can help take the burden off of the victim and that person's family.

Source: Clarksville Online, "Tennessee Department of Health announces Traumatic Brain Injury Conference set for March 17th," Feb. 9, 2015

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