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Study shows danger of texting while driving known, often ignored

While the vast majority of trips in a vehicle go smoothly, there is unfortunately inherent danger on the roadways. Vehicles traveling at high speeds, weather conditions and other variables can quickly increase the chances for an accident to occur. A more modern safety hazard that has been introduced to the driving experience is texting and while the dangers of doing so are obvious, a new study shows drivers are choosing to text anyway.

In a phone survey of 1,004 adults conducted by AT&T Inc., several different reasons as to why one texts while driving were given by the participants. Forty-three percent said they wanted to stay connected to their acquaintances. Twenty-eight percent were worried about missing out on important messages if they didn't pay attention to their phones while driving. But perhaps the most troubling statistic to come from the survey was that more than 25 percent of participants believed that their driving performance was unhindered by texting.

Texting while driving can sometimes have devastating consequences. When a driver takes their focus off of the road, accidents can and do happen, sometimes causing the loss of life. Obviously, nothing can ever replace a loved one lost. However, in the event an individual is killed because of the negligence of another person, proper legal assistance can help those involved make the steps toward perhaps receiving compensation for their loss, paving the way for a more comfortable path toward coping.

The dangers of texting while driving are clear, but it appears many still choose to do so anyway. While this act of negligence doesn't always end in tragedy, it unfortunately can. During those times, seeking the assistance of an experience attorney can help a family move forward.

Source: nashvilleledger.com, "Survey finds people text and drive knowing dangers," Oct. 31, 2014

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