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Woman suffers fatal injuries following crash in Tennessee

In an instant, a fatal car accident can rip a loved one away, leaving family members traumatized and emotionally devastated. While dealing with this emotional burden, victims should not have to suffer further with hefty financial burdens. In some cases, the emotional trauma takes an enormously long time to heal. Oftentimes it is never fully mended. But for the financial hurt, victims can sometimes take immediate legal action and recover some of the costs associated with the death of a loved one.

A 50-year-old woman was killed in a tragic car accident, according to reports. While travelling on a Tennessee highway, the woman's vehicle was struck by a pickup truck. The pickup truck had attempted to pass another vehicle across a double yellow line on the highway. While in the other lane, the truck struck the 50-year-old woman's vehicle. She died as a result of the crash. Two of the passengers in her vehicle suffered injuries, the natures of which were unknown.

The man who was driving the pickup truck is now facing charges as a result of the crash.

It is not uncommon for drivers in fatal car accidents to face criminal charges following crashes. These types of accidents are often caused by criminal negligence. A driver may be found guilty of negligence if that driver fails to exercise the amount of prudence that a reasonable driver would in a similar situation.

The family members of victims in fatal car accidents may wish to file wrongful death lawsuits if another driver in the crash is suspected of negligence. While it may not be enough to fully mend the emotional suffering these family members have been forced to endure, compensation may help relieve some of the financial burden so they can continue on the path to recovery.

Source: 92.3 WNPC, "Miller dead in Sevier County crash," April 8, 2014

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