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Fireplace products explode due to defect

On cold winter nights, many Nashville residents love to snuggle up near their fireplaces with their families. Although most people have become accustomed to the idea of using fire, gas and electricity throughout their homes, the truth is that appliances that rely on these energy sources can be quite dangerous. Because of this, a product line for such an appliance suffers from a design or manufacturing defect, it must be corrected immediately in order to prevent a tragic accident from occurring.

Twenty-two models of gas fireplaces and fireplace inserts made by Hussong Manufacturing are being recalled due to a defect that causes the products to explode. Thus far, nine reports have been received regarding this defect. No fatalities resulted from these accidents; two people suffered abrasions and the rest of the incidents involved minor property damage. The defect causes these explosions by prematurely releasing gas.

Consumers in possession of affected models are being asked to stop using them immediately, turn off gas feeds to the products, and then contact their dealer or the company itself to have the items repaired. The manufacturing dates for affected models range from 2009 to 2013. Identifying information regarding a fireplace’s name, model and serial number can be found on a label near the gas valve.

Those who believe they have suffered an injury as a result of using products that contained design and manufacturing defects may wish to pursue a civil suit. If you have reason to believe a negligent manufacturer is causing injuries to consumers, you may wish to speak with an attorney.


Source: cpsc.gov, “Hussong Manufacturing and American Flame Recall Three Gas Fireplaces, Fireplace Inserts Due to Explosion Hazard,” Apr. 4, 2014

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