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Tennessee truck driver hits car and 2 pedestrians, faces charges

The regulations that commercial truck drivers are expected to abide by are strict. The reasons why are obvious. Commercial trucks pose a threat to all other drivers on the road because of their immense size and weight. All drivers of vehicles of lesser mass are highly vulnerable to serious injuries and death following an accident with one of these commercial vehicles. When drivers or truck companies fail to abide by these strict regulations, victims have rights that need to be protected.

An accident occurred in Tennessee that involved a tractor-trailer, a car and two pedestrians. The tractor-trailer allegedly drove onto the shoulder of an interstate highway and struck two pedestrians and a car. After hitting a dump truck, the commercial truck then overturned and the driver allegedly fled the scene.

The driver of the commercial vehicle is now facing two counts of aggravated assault by vehicle while driving under the influence, one count of causing an accident involving death or injury, three counts of DUI in differing classifications and one count of failing to notify the police of an accident, along with four driving offences. Both the truck driver, as a commercial driver's-license holder, and all vehicles operated by the trucking companies have received federal orders to halt operation.

Whether a person has been killed or catastrophically injured in a tractor trailer accident, victims and their families have options. Commercial truck drivers and trucking companies and their insurers can be held accountable before the law. Victims are able to pursue compensation for the drivers and companies at fault when it can be proven that negligence was at play.

Source: Herald Mail Media, "Tennessee tractor-trailer driver involved in I-81 crash declared 'imminent hazards' by DOT," Feb. 9, 2014

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