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Tennessee accident results in one fatality and three injured

Whether they result in multiple fatalities or mere scrapes and bruises, car accidents are always traumatic affairs and very often involve victims. Victims in these cases can be anyone who is injured or killed as the result of another driver's actions. Oftentimes, these actions are what can be considered negligent, meaning the driver neglected to exercise the proper amount of care required to prevent such tragedies.

A recent accident in Tennessee resulted in three injuries and one death, according to reports. The two-car accident occurred after a vehicle, operated by a 73-year-old woman, crossed paths with another vehicle and the two collided. Ambulance service, local volunteers and firefighters quickly responded to the scene and pronounced the 73-year-old woman dead on the scene. The driver of the other vehicle, 47, along with two passengers, 16 and 18, were treated for injuries. Two had to be flown to a nearby hospital via medical helicopter. The cause of the accident is under investigation.

When an accident is investigated by law enforcement officials, victims can use investigation reports and police findings to build a case against the driver at fault. Sometimes this evidence might be police records showing the person speeding earlier in the day; other times it might be eyewitness reports or breathalyzer test results. In any case, this evidence can be used to prove that another driver acted negligently and was thus at fault in the accident, therefore owing the victim compensation.

Compensation can be used by victims to cover a variety of resulting costs in a car accident. There are many less-than-obvious costs that result from an accident -- such as transportation costs via medical helicopters or medical expenses from treatment for injuries -- and these can prove much more expensive than many expect. This is why it is prudent for victims in these accidents to seek guidance while pursuing compensation.

Source: ABC Wate, "1 fatality in car accident on Lamar Alexander Pkwy," Dec. 28, 2013

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