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Truck and motorcycle collide on Tennessee highway

Motorcyclists who walk away from accidents suffering mere injuries are, in some sense, lucky. Fatality rates for riders involved in motorcycle accidents are high due to the increased vulnerability of motorcyclists on the road. The small frames provide little protection and leave riders exposed to the elements, rendering motorcycle riding a dangerous activity.

Despite the danger, following a recent accident on a Tennessee highway, a rider walked away from a truck versus motorcycle accident injured, but very much alive. The motorcyclist, a Tennessee resident, was riding on a southbound highway when a truck, travelling in the opposite direction, turned in the way of the motorcyclist. The motorcyclist then struck the side of the truck. He was quickly rushed to a nearby hospital by a medical helicopter where he was treated for injuries.

Injuries resulting from motorcycle accidents are many. Especially when the other vehicle involved has a lot of mass, like that of a truck. The force of such a collision can have devastating results for motorcycle riders.

But, fortunately, the safety precautions a rider takes can make some difference. A helmet can protect against head injuries; thick leather coats can prevent some lacerations and burns; and a heavier frame can lessen the impact somewhat. Yet even when all safety precautions are made, catastrophic injuries and fatalities are likely outcomes in motorcycle accidents.

Injuries and fatalities can devastate victims and their families. Medical expenses and transportation costs can prove heavy financial burdens. In many of these cases, the motorcyclist is injured or killed by a negligent driver. Drivers are expected to pay attention to motorcyclists on the road -- and when they do not, they may be displaying negligence. Proving the negligence of a driver in court gives victims and families of victims devastated by motorcycle accidents the chance to be awarded compensation.

Source: WGNS Radio, "Motorcycle Vs. Truck Collision, Beechgrove Resident Seriously Injured," Dec. 2, 2013

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